10 Incredible History Pictures

1) First known photo of a surfer, Hawaii 1890.

2) The writer George Orwell poses with the puppy during the Spanish Civil War. Behind him is Ernest Hemingway (1937)

3) Billboards in Times Square (1900)

4) 50s Greasers

5) 1930’s Teen Delinquents

6) 8 year old coal miner – 1900’s

7) Winston Churchill (right) with Canadian Prime Minister Robert Borden in 1912

8) The final four couples on the Chicago dance marathon. (1930)

9) This photo of Beatles dates back to 1957. John Lenon oldest was 16, George Harrison and Paul McCartney had a year less

10) American officer and a French partisan coincide during street fighting in the city with the Nazis (1944)


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